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Altacher Felix Strauss is angry at the referee: "You're ruining the whole match! Cheek!"  - Bundesliga

Altacher Felix Strauss is angry at the referee: “You’re ruining the whole match! Cheek!” – Bundesliga

As on Saturday with a 1:2 defeat in Lask He was in round 29 of German League Admiral Also in the next away match SCR Altach In the TSV Hartburg Exclude the second losing point in a row. After Felix Strauss was sent into the locker room with a ‘traffic light card’ by referee Stefan Ebner in the 62nd minute, all dams were broken at the taillight from Vorarlberg – Magnin’s men ceded a 0:4 swatter in the Profertil Arena. “Unfortunate Felix” didn’t want to gather anymore and let his emotions and anger free themselves on the sidelines.

Felix Strauss, who is here on the left in a duel with LASK’s Alexander Schmidt last fall, showed absolutely no understanding of his exclusion.

“Starting Evil” was a wrong play that was punished by Stefan Ebner in Altach Sixteen by Felix Strauss on Hartburg defender Manfred Gollner. The Altach defender accidentally stepped on the opponent’s foot. The 30-year-old Invertler (from Browno) allowed the match to continue, but then got something ‘on the ear’ from the VAR (VAR) and then awarded a penalty (leading to Hartberg’s opening goal by Dario Tadic) and Strauss the card The second yellow.

For the Altaş defender after nine yellow cards this season, his first and otherwise first red card in professional football.

What angered the former Salzburg-born Blau-Weiss Linz on the sidelines: the 21-year-old defender, unwilling to accept the decision, roared loudly and then threw a water bottle next to the touchline.

Loud Strauss, so it could be heard on Sky Radio, towards the judges: “You’re ruining the whole game! That’s a cheek.”

After that, “Ten Altaş players got under the wheels” and after a penalty kick to make the score 1-0, they conceded three more goals to make it 4-0. As a result, the tail light from Vorarlberg is four laps before the end of the season, four points behind penultimate SVRide – the next home contender in SCRA – and now five laps behind TSV Hartberg, who was still the Red Lantern of Before round 28 on Saturday.

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