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Fivers confidently make HLA semi-finals

Vice Champion Fivers Margareten has moved on to the semi-finals of the HLA major. After a 37:21 home win against HSG Graz in the first game, Vienna followed up on Wednesday with a 35:33 victory at Styrians and won the “Best of Three” quarter-final streak in a row 2:0.

While Vienna followed UHK Krems in the semi-finals, defending champion Harde still has to wait for a potential promotion. The Vorarlbergers suffered a 19:32 defeat at Schwaz against Handball Tirol.

The lightning start paves the way for the victory of Tyrol

The Tyroleans, who brought Hard to the brink of defeat in the first game in Vorarlberg, took charge in the first half and led by 16:11 into the break. In the second 30 minutes, the Schwazers managed a lightning start to 22:11, and so the match was decided, and Hard resigned to his fate. With twelve goals, Petar Medic played a big role in Tyrol’s landslide victory. On Saturday there will be a crucial match at Hard.

On the other hand, the match in Graz between HSG and Fivers was tight from the start: the hosts led in a ratio of 9: 7, but the guests from Vienna responded with five goals in a row. The sides were changed by two goals in favor of Pfeiffers (17:15).

Although the Grazers managed the 21:21 equation, they were no longer able to make a breakthrough. Unlike Margareten, who set the lead at 28:25 and couldn’t take the lead anymore.

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