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Hartberg – Altach 4: 0: Hartberg celebrates liberation in the relegation battle

Hartberg – Altach 4: 0: Hartberg celebrates liberation in the relegation battle

One can only imagine what happened in the Hartburg locker room after the final whistle. The song about “the hottest club in the world” is said to have been heard outside the city limits. “Oh, how nice it is,” the system that ran when Hartburgers celebrated 2,315 fans. “Sama then masta” asked one of the officials? no! The drop has not yet been fixed. But the 4:0 against the Altach was a giant step in the right direction. With three laps remaining, Hartberg is five points ahead of the last team from Vorarlberg.

The Hartburgers have been on the trigger since the beginning. The Ilzer diamond also suits the Schmidt dwarf well. Poisonous and aggressive in duels – led by Jürgen Hill. Creative in the last third – led by Okan Aydin, who was outstanding this time. Only at first there was a lack of accuracy. 0-0 after 45 minutes was not performance-based, the Hartburgers were already the decisive team.

“Today it was fun to watch the team from the first minute”, says coach Klaus Schmidt. “I didn’t say anything different than usual. Today the team was mature and ready.“From the 55th minute at the latest, the Hartbergers played as if they were made of one piece. One-way football in East Styria. Then the long- not-scored goals were scored.

Dario Tadic (62 minutes) from a penalty kick, Seth Paintsil (72 minutes, 88) and Aydin (76 minutes) guarantee the victory, which he also deserves at this level. Of course, the fact that Felix Strauss, who committed a penalty foul, had to take a yellow and red shower in the hands of the Hartburgers. “I took a penalty, then broke the Altach,” Schmidt says. “We showed a very good face.” Aydin also celebrates: “After a match like this, I’m at a loss, we took the whole stadium with us. We played relatively well in the past few weeks, and we didn’t reward ourselves. We did well today.”

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Matches in LASK (May 7), at WSG (May 14) and at home against Reed (May 20) are still pending for TSV after the final cup break. ‘We still need to win’Schmidt says.