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Amazon Echo devices are almost 50% cheaper – get yours now and save on a bundle

Amazon Echo devices are almost 50% cheaper – get yours now and save on a bundle

If you want to outfit your sweet home with a smart speaker, get it now: Amazon’s Spring Temptation offers deep discounts on the Echo Dot and Co.

Bargain hunters are currently getting their money’s worth again on Amazon, because the online retailer is once again offering prices as low as meets the eye. Tech enthusiasts in particular can dump the power here and save money, because many of Amazon’s devices are underrated as well. It’s probably the best opportunity to get a smart speaker and save a lot at the same time, because you can currently buy Amazons echo dot 5 already to 35 euros He buys. Below you can find out what it can do and the possible combinations that are worth it.

Amazon Echo Dot 5 – This is what a smart speaker can do

Not only do Echo smart speakers with Alexa voice control make everyday life at home easier for you when you use multimedia, like playing music, podcasts, or audiobooks, you can also use them to read messages, make calls, or connect other smart home devices like control lights or thermostats.

Just like its predecessor, the somewhat more compact Echo 5 and Echo Dot 5 inspire with a spherical appearance. Of course the latest generation has some improvements up its sleeve. This includes improved voice quality, improved data protection and control measures and a wider range of functionality – the full potential can be exploited via paired devices. In addition, Amazon places an increased value on the use of recycled and sustainable materials.

Prices are falling: once again the Echo Dot 5 dropped dramatically in the spring

Both optics and technical equipment have a lot to offer. In the spring, Amazon is giving you a great offer, because right now you can save almost 50% on the purchase of the Echo Dot 5. Other Echoes and older speaker generations are also discounted, but with older models you also have to make compromises in terms of functionality and sustainability.

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You can find useful Alexa voice control tips in the video:

Amazon Echo: More Smart Packages and Deals

Other Echo devices, like the Echo Show with built-in display, are currently heavily discounted. You can also buy the devices together with other smart home products and provide them in the bundle. You can find a range of options here:

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