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The immune system: a few 'tutorials' for the body

The immune system: a few ‘tutorials’ for the body

In order to spend the cold season as healthy as possible, you can take precautions and strengthen your immune system.

Field churches. Even though the annual flu pandemic remains elusive, to quote an old healthcare saying “prevention is better than cure,” you should start strengthening your immune system now. There are many styles. In addition to a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, adequate outdoor exercise, adequate sleep, and avoidance of nicotine and alcohol, it does no harm to support the body in building its defenses with vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Vitamin “sun”

“Vitamin D3 and K2 support the immune system. Since vitamin D3 is absorbed primarily through sunlight, it is especially important in low sun season to support the body here,” says Daniel Prassent, who with his wife Stephanie runs the Robert Franz store in Feldkirchen. “You can also strengthen your immune system with vitamin C and zinc. A certain amount is ingested through food anyway, but the dose is usually too small to provide the body with a permanent supply.”

for the actual situation

If your immune system has to succumb to pathogens and you’re feeling down, Daniel Präsent has advice ready, too. “Grapefruit seed extract kills bacteria, fungal strains, and viruses. Its mode of action can be compared to colloidal silver,” Brissant says. “The extract is obtained from the dried peel and seeds of grapefruit that have been ground into a powder. The antimicrobial properties can be used in a variety of applications – internally and externally. However, it is important that grapefruit seed extract has never been used undiluted.”
down to work
Robert Franz lecture at Stadtsaal Feldkirchen
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