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Amazon shoots suppliers with an algorithm

Amazon shoots suppliers with an algorithm


Amazon Flex, launched in the US in 2015, is an outgrowth of the temporary jobs economy. Private drivers are supposed to deliver the packages and thus complete the suppliers’ fleet. To do this, you only need to register via Smartphone app It organizes everything else like commands and to-do lists. We already know him similarly from Uber Or various food delivery services.

report in Bloomberg According to the system, she is responsible not only for the operations, but also for those who are fired. For this purpose, whoever delivers is evaluated for accuracy and reliability. This also becomes a match rating I was born.

you do not understand

But the algorithm has one problem unexpected eventsFor which the driver can do nothing. One affected person reported that their rank went down after receiving it airless tire due to retraction of the nail. There was nothing you could do about it. Another supplier simply could not deliver a package because the apartment complex was closed and could not reach anyone by phone. Here, too, his ranking slipped without taking circumstances into account.

If a supplier is terminated, there is an option to take action. However, the fee 200 USD Because. According to an affected person, one could not expect great success from this either. Accordingly, there is hardly any support from the company. “If you’re against the device, don’t try it,” says a 29-year-old Amazon Flex supplier.

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Inner success story

Internally, Amazon’s Flex is the same SuccessFormer programmer reports. In total, the app has been downloaded about 4 million times.

When asked about the current reports, Amazon spoke of “anecdotal incidents” and denied structural problems, as with the Engadget call. The vast majority of flex drivers are satisfied.