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AMD, ARM, and Intel support a global chip standard

Chiplets (integrated circuit blocks) are more frequently in chip design, and some of the biggest companies in the tech world are looking to make them more mainstream. Tom’s equipment Reports It has an alliance of AMD, ARM and Intel Spear Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) standard designed to facilitate “chip-to-die” interconnections in hardware and software. If all goes well, the designer can “mix and match” chips from different companies to create the perfect system on a chip.

The coalition has already ratified the UCIe 1.0 specification. Partners include a mix of heavyweight and cloud chipsets such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Samsung and TSMC.

It may be a long time before we see chips built to the new standard. The UCIe group has not yet worked out the form factor, protocols, and other details.

However, the appeal of the affected companies is clear. Companies can accelerate the development of processors and SoCs by using off-the-shelf chip designs instead of building their own from scratch. They can also sell chips to other companies, extending their technology. The chips can become more uniform, but can appear earlier or provide a more consistent performance. This may be useful on a whole range of devices of phones For servers running cloud services.

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