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America continues to fly in baby food

America continues to fly in baby food

Due to the crisis in the United States, the US government is increasingly importing baby formula from abroad. US President Joe Biden today announced flights from London and Melbourne to bring baby formulas from Condom (UK) and Pubs (Australia) to various parts of the US.

In a video conference with baby formula makers, Biden said, “There’s nothing like the feeling that your baby is not getting what he needs.” He advised his government to “use all means to increase supply”. Baby food should be on supermarket shelves as soon as possible.

Failed to manufacturer

Last month, Biden’s government had already arranged for two flights with baby food at the U.S. Ramstein Air Force Base in Germany. The failure of the Abbott factory, the largest manufacturer of baby formula in the United States, is the background to the setbacks.

After four children fell ill and two died, Abbott recalled several product lines due to bacterial contamination. Production at one of the company’s plant in the state of Michigan was suspended in February.

Biden declared sanctions a top priority and, among other things, enacted a wartime law to increase productivity. In addition, Biden launched Operation Fly Formula (roughly: “Operation Fly Baby Food”) in May to bring goods to the United States from abroad.

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