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American Prison Break: Prisoners Go For Pancakes

American Prison Break: Prisoners Go For Pancakes

In the US state of Virginia, two men mysteriously escaped from a prison building – only to be caught hours later at a nearby pancake restaurant. Newport News City Police said the two inmates are being held in a less secure wing of the actual jail.

They took advantage of the “structural weakness” there and made a hole in the wall with “primitive” tools – a toothbrush and a metal object assembled. Thus, they escaped. Outside, they climbed a wall and left the site.

Police announced

On Monday evening, a 37-year-old and a 43-year-old went missing during a search. They were caught in the early hours of Tuesday at a restaurant in a neighboring town. Other citizens there saw her and called the police. Police had earlier released photographs of the fugitives.

A local police spokeswoman said on Wednesday that for security reasons she could not comment on exactly how the men managed to penetrate the wall with their toothbrushes and ultimately escape. Until all such “structural weaknesses” in the building are identified and corrected, no further information can be provided.

Both are being held on various charges including contempt of court, breach of probation, credit card fraud, theft and possession of burglary tools. Now a case has been filed regarding their escape.

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