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Oil drilling in Alaska – The protest against the Willow project in the US is also growing in Germany

Oil drilling in Alaska – The protest against the Willow project in the US is also growing in Germany

Protests against the “Willow Plan”. (AP/dpa/Patrick Semansky)

Youth from the Alliance for Environment and Nature Conservation joined international calls to stop the project. They write that according to the plan of the energy company “Conoco Phillips” in Alaska, 95 billion liters of oil will be extracted from the ground. The promotion would cause about 280 million tons of CO2, emit methane and interfere with Alaska’s still-unspoiled nature. This goes against President Biden’s campaign promises, and would not authorize oil or gas drilling on state soil.

The US government approved the plan a week and a half ago, causing an outcry, especially among young people in many countries. It has been talked about on social media for days. petition”Biden Administration and ConocoPhillips: Say No to Willow Project! already has nearly five million supporters.Yesterday, environmentalists gathered outside the US Department of Homeland Security and hung a large yellow banner over the “Willow Plan” to denounce Biden’s “climate hypocrisy” and urge the government to reverse course on the “Willow Plan.” Banners and chants of “no more drilling” have made the fight against global warming a central part of his agenda, and Biden has pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

In response to the criticism, Biden announced yesterday that he would declare the Nevada state, which Native Americans consider sacred, a “national monument.” This would convert a largely undeveloped area into a designated conservation area. According to the White House, the classification is intended to protect public lands while honoring indigenous peoples. The Castner Range in Texas is also slated to receive protected area status. The two regions together cover an area of ​​nearly 2,100 square kilometers. Biden also announced that he would consider designating a new marine sanctuary in the Pacific.

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This news was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on March 22, 2023.