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America’s best housewife?  What makes Martha Stewart so successful at 82 years old?

America’s best housewife? What makes Martha Stewart so successful at 82 years old?

Martha Stewart: They are known to be the best in America housewifeauthor, lifestyle expert, publisherself madeBillionaire, a Sports Illustrated model, Snoop Dogg’s best friend — and also a white-collar criminal. It’s no coincidence that fashion icon Fern Mallis called her “America’s hottest woman.” Business woman“Who handles her business (usually) intelligently – because behind all ideas and titles there is a system, a plan that she seeks to achieve. Even her five-month stay in prison (for illegal reasons… Stock trades) has led to new job opportunities and great opportunities at that picture: The good housewife became a legend, attracting more clients. But who is behind this person and what is his recipe for success?

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has been best friends pretty much since their 2008 cooking show together

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Best housewife

She came as the granddaughter of Polish immigrants Martha Helen Kostera He was born on August 3, 1941 in New Jersey, one of six children. Her parents were teachers and their profession was highly respected: “I always thought of myself female teacher “I look at things and feel happy when others learn from me – even if it’s just the simplest things,” she says in an interview. Their motto: If you stop evolving, life ends. This is exactly the thought that comes to mind Professional path a little. As a teenager she was a model baby sitter The children of three baseball stars and she helped her brother sell muskrat furs. She skinned the animals herself.

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She later studied history and architecture as well as art, economics and literature at Barnard College New York. After university came Wall Streetwhere she served as an institutional securities broker: “Der job “He showed me what it takes to start a meaningful, meaningful business,” Stewart said. I learned how companies operate, grow, and fail. The valuable knowledge they have in and of themselves Catering-The company is stuck. “I love creating things that enrich everyday life. And I love making money from it,” Stewart said.

About ten years after founding her company, she released her best-selling book “Entertaining“which later became”Martha Stewart Living“The empire had grown. An entire media conglomerate made Stewart’s brand more visible. At the time, a 49-year-old divorced mother, she was often referred to as ‘the late bloomer.'” But what didn’t faze her: “I knew I was about to Achieve something big. I’ve been following mine ever since dreams“.

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Martha Stewart is busy: from her own TV shows to cookbooks and podcasts

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82 years of work

“My life belongs to me a job“My work is my life,” she once said, and hers is profitable: annual retail sales alone amount to about $900 million. She says this success just happened. “It happened, but not without years of hard work,” he adds a job And dedication.”

this work ethics She was born in infancy because her grandfather was known for his hard work. At 99, he was celebrated as the oldest member of the Buffalo Steelworkers Union: “Nobody wanted to shake his hand because he was so tough,” he recalls. Stuart In an interview with Fern malis. This love for job He rubbed it. Even today, the 82-year-old wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to work. She checks her blog and reads the news: “You shouldn’t be afraid of hard things a job to have. Don’t be afraid to fill your day.”

Speaking of this topic He is afraid: She’s not afraid of aging either. On the contrary: She proudly announced on her podcast that she would turn 110, according to an online quiz, and laughed: “Isn’t that wonderful?” In her opinion, successful aging is the best way to take revenge on ageism: “I’ve developed a kind of courage and I think that’s what women need.” That’s why she also introduced herself this year. Swimwear in front of camera. As the oldest cover model in history Sports Illustrated“When the offer came, I thought: I can do this. How often do you get the opportunity?” Through this cover, she hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves and try new things, no matter what stage they are in.

For next year he has Martha Stewart However, a lot is planned again. A new documentary will be released about her life, her 100th (!) book, and perhaps another swimsuit photo shoot.

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