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Premiere |  Amazing: “Africa!  Africa!” is also an inspiration in the new edition

Premiere | Amazing: “Africa! Africa!” is also an inspiration in the new edition

The fantastic live band performance alone is worth a visit: “A! A! Band” rocks the tent whether with well-known catchy tunes like “7 Seconds”, “I Feel Good”, “Natural Woman”, “We Will Rock You” and “Chic” or Original compositions by band leader Frankie Mullett and The African. Traditions. But music is only one trump card for the new version of the concept of the show, which was first presented under the wing of Andre Heller in 2005, and which brings together a reunion with some of the artists from the last tour (2019, at that time in the hall), such as Pyramid Mensch , but also a number of new items.

More than 40 artists from nine African countries inspire the new tour of “Africa! Africa!” The troupe is largely represented by director and choreographer George Mumboi (who is from Ivory Coast) in Tanzania and Ethiopia, where circus schools are located. For budgetary reasons, we are primarily looking for multi-talented people.

Amazement at what is humanly possible

Dynamic, colorful and fast. Thrilling rhythms, amazing acrobatics, body control, emotions, sensual impressions and a party full of street dancing. This is how the program of the 2023/24 Tent Tour can be defined, which does not pretend to have the history of the continent as a common theme, but simply wants to convey the joy of life with admiration. The bold moments almost take your breath away.

Climax after climax follows, whether with the basketball players, as the crowd in the tent goes as wild as in a huge American sports stadium, with the “Balance of Chair Act” with its red chairs (which become a veritable royal throne), or with the flying “Hair Hanging Act.” With spinners, the feminine “Trio Balance”, ball juggling (jumping) or spunky young talent on the hurler board.

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A standing ovation after two and a half hours (with an intermission) for this exciting work that balances traditional heritage with the artistic present. The traveling circus will now stop in Graz until mid-January, then will continue to Vienna and Salzburg. “Africa! Africa!” It has been copied over and over again, but it conveys its wonderful spirit. Super happy faces when you leave the tent! May the smiles last.

“Africa! Africa!” Tent Tour 2023/24. Until January 14, 2024 in Graz, the outdoor area of ​​the trade fair. Even on December 24 (2 pm), on December 25, there is a double show, usually at 7:30 pm. Also on December 31 at 2 p.m. Cards: or

The show aims to present the lively, colorful and hopeful side of Africa

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A success story has begun

Africa’s success story began in 2005. Africa! One of the highlights of 2023 is the basketball tournament.

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There is also a great band in the (heated) tent.

There is also a great band in the (heated) tent.

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