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AMSIS presents Genesis 4 emulator at Formnext 2023

AMSIS presents Genesis 4 emulator at Formnext 2023

Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt marks a turning point for 3D metal printing users: AMSI Introducing Genesis 4, a state-of-the-art construction setup and simulation software designed specifically for powder bed-based laser melting. Aiming to reduce production costs by 10 to 30 percent, Genesis 4 targets system operators and end users alike and promises to improve display quality while reducing support effort.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Vasily Plushikhin, Managing Director AMSIS: “Enhanced thermal management increases the stability of the 3D component structure process. With Genesis 4, end users can significantly increase the performance of their existing systems and print high-quality components either completely unsupported or with minimal support.

This simulation-based approach eliminates the need for manual adjustments and significantly improves process stability and reproducibility. The software also opens up the possibility of reducing support structures, which not only saves material costs but also reduces post-processing effort.

“The second thermal simulation to identify overheated zones and simulation-based reduction of energy input in these critical zones with Genesis 4 enables support exposure reduction with all conventional exposure patterns,” said Plushikhin. “This support reduction strategy works most efficiently when using innovative 3D hexagonal exposure patterns from Genesis.

Genesis 4 is offered in two versions: Classic for standard building job setup applications and Innovative, which also includes simulation-based functionality. Support for native hardware formats from popular manufacturers such as Aconity3D, DMG MORI, EOS and SLM Solutions has already been integrated.

Genesis’ modular design ensures seamless integration with existing system software, allowing system manufacturers to extend their technology to include thermal simulation and power adaptive control. This flexibility promises rapid and cost-effective implementation of new technologies that reduce subsidies.

“Genesis 4 is designed to increase the application potential of existing AM systems towards support reduction technology. The user gets not only a powerful tool for preparing construction work, but also gets the opportunity to save construction time and post-processing costs by significantly reducing physical support structures,” explained Plushikhin. .

In addition to traditional exposure modes, Genesis 4’s innovative 3D exposure modes enable more efficient adjustment of exposure vectors for complex geometries, reducing the risk of collisions with the paint layer and resulting in improved surface finish.

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Not only does Genesis 4 reduce supporting structures, it also helps prevent unwanted porosity and reduce loose powder buildup. The program thus offers a comprehensive approach to more efficient, higher quality and more economical production in 3D printing.

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