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Elvis scene with Dennis Gale and Donna Presley

Elvis scene with Dennis Gale and Donna Presley

Sounds about January 8th, birthday”Kings of rock and roll“, claiming that the icon is still alive, has become increasingly quiet. But things are by no means quieter for those who love music Elvisthe 89 years old He will grow up to be worshiped and cared for.

Elvis was more than just an entertainer

Dennis Gillone of the most famous rock and roll artists in Austria, performs his song Stop the tour On January 25 in Amstetner Bowles Hall Testimony to this. And Donna Kay PresleyKing’s cousin, contributes to the authentic Nashville vibe.

The golden age of rock music

Dennis Gill, a Waldviertel native, is a guest on his tour.”Elvis’ original musicians“This year once in Salzburg, twice in Vienna and only in Amstetten. The show is full Visits and stories From the golden age of rock music. Donna Presley, Elvis’ father’s niece, spent a lot of time at Graceland and in… “Circle G RanchBy Facebook.

She has a lot Turbulent and joyful events With the King and has tremendous inside knowledge of the music icon. Years ago, she approached Dennis Gill because he caught her attention with his interpretations of Elvis. Only his band members, including several who played with Elvis on tour or in the studio, had to convince him that one actually existed. A member of the Presley family I knocked on his door.

Rock and roll musician Dennis Gill is accompanied by Elvis’ cousin Donna Presley on his tour

© Photo: Andreas Schroer


In addition to Donna Presley, there are amazing musicians from all over the world touring The era of Facebook, such as Glenn D. Harden, Terry Blackwood (The Imperials), Ginger Holladay, Donna Rhodes, Craig Morris and Paul Lim. The country and rock guitar legend will probably be there too James Burton (84), who founded the legendary band TCB in 1968 on behalf of Elvis and was the King’s lead guitarist.

The band has a guitar played by Elvis in their luggage More than a million dollars He deserves.

What makes the tour in Amstetten special and unique is the performance of “Elvis Symphony Show“Arranged by pianist TCB who was also present Glenn Hardin (84) With the greats of local music. The musically versatile Robert Bussecker will contribute to the vocal fireworks with the Amstetner Symphony Orchestra.

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