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An impressive monastery ceremony in the Basilica of Saint Florian

An impressive monastery ceremony in the Basilica of Saint Florian

The festive monastery concert in St. Furian's Church on Friday became an unusually enchanting event with Markus Büchner and the Bruckner Orchestra. Paul Zollner was able to employ him as a spiritual mini-music for the concert intro with guiding ideas for listening.

The presentation of Anton Bruckner's Eighth Symphony, C minor WAB 108 (version 1890), in its full length (85 minutes) in the fully packed cathedral, was made possible not only by the magnificent, colorful new lighting in the altar, but also the careful departure into the interior of the church. The audio worlds of this demanding game VIII:Symphony.

There is hardly an orchestra in the world that has the nine Bruckner symphonies in its repertoire like the Bruckner Orchestra, which, with its splendid piano culture, its splendid solos and its wonderful interplay, also achieves the unmistakable effect of, above all, being one in which the object is conveyed at all stages of design. : To be in perfect harmony with the main leader.

Since taking over as principal conductor of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz in 2017, Markus Büchner and our Austrian Grand Orchestra have impressed audiences and press alike.

The orchestra including Büchner also managed to record a massive cycle of all Bruckner's symphonies on CD for AB's 200th birthday.

Written by Christine Grubauer

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