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“Edmund” swings in Purkersdorf despite the rain

“Edmund” swings in Purkersdorf despite the rain

It only took a few bars from the first number “Rundstah” and the main square of Purkersdorf (St. Pölten district) shook. Edmund opened his concert with this powerful number and delivered a 90+ minute set consisting of all their hits. This concert was an extraordinary experience not only for the audience, but also for Roman Messner and Pressbaumer Markus Kadinsky, a native of Purkersdorf.

“Every concert is fun, but this is something special. Christina Stürmer and Wolfgang Ambros have already played here. You dream of being on this stage yourself,” Kadinsky told “I have already attended several concerts in Purkersdorf.” I am honored to now be able to play there myself. “Marcus and I have known each other for a long time and met here as well,” Messner says.

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A concert that's hard to top

For organizer, Nikki Nontovel, this “home game” also comes full circle. “It's great to produce stars from our ranks. Porkersdorf is the cradle of Austrian pop music, and we have a new baby, so to speak,” says Neuntofel. “Edmonds are brilliant musicians, but at the same time they are incredibly likeable people. It is of course a gift to have musicians from back home who, despite their great success, appreciate our stage.

Can he top that next year? “I would be a bad organizer if I didn't have a plan for next year.” With this sentence, Nikki Nontovel's eyes flashed and an evil look appeared on his face. Even if he didn't want to reveal anything yet.

“Company 3012” in the opening act

The band “3012 Company” from Wolfgraben (St. Pölten region) performed as their opening act. For her this was her biggest performance yet. “We played our EP release show in Purkersdorf at the beginning of the year and afterwards it was discussed that we would also be allowed to play in the main arena. I was filled with anticipation because I had been dreaming about it for years,” said Ben Horsica. “There were a lot of friends and family there.” Of course both bands are there that evening and this also creates an incomparable atmosphere.

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Edmund also features their new number “Jesolo,” a hot contender for summer hit song of the year. “This place represents the five major holiday resorts that everyone knows on the Adriatic Sea. The holidays there are known to everyone, so it is a song and a story taken from life,” says Roman Messner, describing the story of how they happened.

Eid feelings despite the rainy weather

The weather doesn't just have a holiday feel, though: Just in time for the concert to start, torrential rain falls in some places, but the loud singing of the fans masks the raindrops. The one thing many fans regret is that it will be Edmund's only concert in 2024. But pre-sales for the 2025 tour start on June 21.