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An industrial automation expert expands to the west of Linz

An industrial automation expert expands to the west of Linz

KEBA has grown strongly over the past ten years. The Linz-based company, which is internationally active and employs approximately 1,800 employees, has grown in sales Automation experts It almost quadrupled in this period. The latest business year, which ended on March 31, is expected to end KEBA with a turnover of over € 400 million.

The steady growth is particularly evident in Austria in terms of space requirements. The company did not gradually gain space in its prime location in the industrial zone of Linz / Orfehr. In 2013, a second production site opened in Industriezeile, and several thousand square meters of production, logistics and office space has been leased in the Greater Linz area in recent years. Another building is currently being added to the Urfahr site.

Expect more growth

The automation expert, who works in the fields of industrial automation, delivery automation and energy automation, and thus in the booming markets with corresponding future potential, also expects further growth in the coming years. KEBA is looking for a suitable plot of land for a long time, providing the possibility of incorporating the currently rented space which also provides the possibility of expansion corresponding to future growth. The prime location in the industrial area of ​​Urfahr will continue to exist.

Despite the many international subsidiaries and even if it would be easier to establish operations in other regions outside Austria, the company made a conscious decision in favor of Upper Austria. KEBA values ​​very good professional and networking qualifications with HTLs, FHs and JKU. A futuristic technical university with an emphasis on digitization and digital transformation is attractive in contrast to a technology company. These professionals will be present who will ensure that companies such as KEBA will continue to exist among the technology leaders in the international competition.

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Kepa Technology Park has ideal conditions

With the property in Technologiering, located in the municipalities of Leonding and Pasching on the B139, the property has now been found which has important KEBA factors such as sufficient space, desirable connection to public transport and close, easily accessible infrastructure to connect the employees who will work there In the future. The site in West Linz also creates an additional gathering area for employees.

Even if we have an 85% export share and have a broad international base, KEBA’s roots are in Linz. Lots of knowledge and years of experience are gathered here, closely related development and production. In recent years we have expanded and expanded our subsidiaries in Germany and China. However, at the same time, we have also been looking to expand the site in Upper Austria for some time, as we repeatedly encountered certain limits as we grew in terms of area. We are pleased that the purchase of the property at Technologiering Leonding / Pasching offers similar potential for our future growth and development of our company. As a technology company, it is also important for us to create sustainable and attractive jobs. KEBA Technology Park provides ideal conditions for further development as a company. The fact that the site is well developed in terms of traffic, ideally connected to public transport, and there is corresponding infrastructure nearby also makes it very attractive to our employees.

Mag. Gerhard Luftensteiner, CEO of KEBA AG

The total area of ​​the property is about 100,000 square meters. The plan envisages construction of office and production areas in stages. The first construction phase is expected to begin in 2023, subject to all official approvals. From today’s perspective, the planned expansion over a good 5-year period provides a site with a construction area of ​​approximately 37,000 square meters and 600 jobs.

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