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Big jump in Stihl's sales in Coronavirus

Big jump in Stihl’s sales in Coronavirus

Strong business increase, not least through cordless tools, resulted in German chain saw manufacturer Stihl’s German chain saw and garden tool manufacturer setting a new sales record last year. On Tuesday, the family business announced a 16.5 percent increase in revenue to 4.58 billion euros in 2020. This is the first time that the group has crossed the 4 billion mark in sales. Stihl generally does not provide any information on the result.

In the previous year, the company reported an increase in sales and turnover in almost all markets; Hence, the highest growth rates are attributed to the battery sector. The share of batteries in total sales now stands at 17 percent – with an upward trend, it was said. There was also a greater demand for conventional gasoline-powered appliances than a year earlier, especially in North America. Stihl accounts for about 90 percent of its sales outside of its home country of Germany.

Accelerated growth

The corona pandemic did not slow down the growth of Stihl, it rather accelerated its growth. She added that this also relates to the fact that gardeners, forest managers and road maintenance companies have been able to continue operating despite the restrictions of Corona since March 2020. In addition, the company has benefited from the fact that many private clients spent significantly more time at home last year and were more Interest in their gardens. For the current year, Stihl expects once again an increase in sales and turnover.

In addition to chain saws, the family business also develops and sells other motorized machines, primarily for forestry, horticulture and landscape maintenance. Stihl employs 18,200 people worldwide, including just under 5,600 in Germany.

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