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Volvo SUV with Polestar technology |

Volvo SUV with Polestar technology |

Volvo is one of the few brands that says: From 2030 there will be an end to combustion engines. From that year onwards, only models equipped with electric motors will be offered. A bold declaration, no doubt. In this regard, automotive experts have been eagerly waiting for the first pure Volvo Stroemer. And not from Volvo’s tuning company Polestar, but from the parent company itself. These days, the Swedes, who have been part of the Chinese Geely Group since 2010, have introduced Stromer’s first car: the XC40 Recharge. With Polestar Technology.

First of all: Volvo hasn’t gone its own way with the electric model. The XC40 can still be ordered with mild plug-in hybrid T2 (129 hp) and T3 (163 hp) and plug-in hybrid engines with T4 (129 + 82 hp) and T5 (194 hp) engines.

Know the difference

The difference between combustion and electricity can be seen on a closed network. Otherwise? nothing. The models are also similar inside. The decisive factor is the electric motor, which has a power of 300 kW (408 hp). The use of two synchronous electric motors used on the front and rear axles. For comparison: the most powerful combustion engine generates 194 hp.

The Volvo SUV is a small SUV with Polestar technology

Complete entertainment menu and living room ambiance

Image: Volvo

With 408 horsepower, the 2.2-ton SUV matures into a sporty ride. The starters are amazing, consumption is high. According to WLTP, the motors get 24 kWh from a 78 kWh battery. In the first OÖN test round, the value settled at just over 27 kWh. By the way, the bandwidth is missing – “on purpose”, as confirmed by a Volvo employee. Because the value only jumps and the meaning is missing. The screen only lights up when the charge level is 20 percent. By the way, anyone who asks the XC40 about the range with voice recognition will receive the required information. Recharge is available from 45,360 euros.

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Volvo XC40 recharging

Two 150 kW synchronous motors drive XC40 recharging – one motor per axle. It produces 300 kW (408 hp). The battery, which can be charged with 11 kW (AC) or 150 kW (DC), stores 78 kWh (kWh). WLTP Range: 415 km The Swedish Stromer is 4.42 meters long and weighs 2,158 kg.