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An unannounced EA game could still be introduced soon

An unannounced EA game could still be introduced soon

A new EA game has been listed on the Xbox Store. You can find out what kind of address it could be here.

EA They may be preparing to unveil one of their yet-to-be-announced games in the coming months. A mysterious title from the publisher has now appeared in the Xbox Store.

If the nameless game is indeed introduced, it will be the first after a long dry spell EA foot. After all, the publisher hasn’t announced any new games since the summer of 2022. In that time, RPG Wild Hunt and DeadSpace remake announce. Both were announced for the first quarter of 2023 and are now out of service. So it’s time to get new titles.

Well we may have to be a little patient after all it was only March and in the last few years it has been EA, Like most big publishers, their games are always announced in spring/summer – the time of game fairs.

What do we know about the mysterious EA title?

But back to the basics. EA Added a new game to the Xbox Store. I gave ‘race and fly’, i.e. racing and flying, as a category. This narrows it all down. A developer whose games usually start in April EA To be announced is the developer Code Master. What games do they make? Exactly, racing games. It became a studio, not so long ago, with a development studio Standards merged.

Fans may know them as makeovers Need for Speed ​​Unbound. But since it was released only in November 2022, we can assume that the new project is not a sequel to Need for Speed.

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But what’s interesting is that Code Master Exclusive license to wrc, i.e. the World Rally Championship. Since the studio hasn’t released any WRC game yet and there’s been no news about renegotiations between EA and WRC, it’s not out of the question that the new game will be EA The address on the Xbox Store is WRC 23.