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An unclear tool causes iPhones running iOS 17 to crash

An unclear tool causes iPhones running iOS 17 to crash

Suddenly many pop-up windows open on the cell phone screen. the iPhone It overloads and restarts on its own, then overloads again. This is what happened to him Security researcher Jeroen van der Ham high Ars Technica On the train journey. The reason for this is an attack by another passenger.

With hacker tool Zero pinball It was able to disable all iPhones within reception range of the device. To do this, continue sending pairing requests via Bluetooth. “Your smartphone becomes almost unusable,” Van der Ham explained.

Multiple hacker tools

the Zero pinball It makes attacks that actually require complex equipment and know-how much easier. The inconspicuous plastic casing looks like a toy, but it’s like a “Swiss Army knife” for hackers.

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And communicate with NFC, Bluetooth– And Infrared-Hardware, Sub 1 GHz– Receivers used in automatic garage doors interact-Recipients. With modified firmware”Extreme“Spam attacks can now also be carried out via Bluetooth.

iPad, Android, and Windows devices were also affected

However, the attack is not limited to iPhones. high TechCrunch them too iPads With the latest Apple operating system affected. Currently, the only way to prevent the device from repeatedly restarting is to disable Bluetooth.

how Sleeping computers And she said, too Windows and Android devices susceptible to this method. On Android, the attack doesn’t necessarily crash the phone. However, the attack can be blocked in the settings. That’s what you open it for Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing > Nearby Sharing And deactivate the option “Show notifications”. Alternatively, you can also go to “Devices” Option “Search for nearby devices” It is deactivated.

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