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Andreas Gaballier: The news shocked fans - "tears in their eyes"

Andreas Gaballier: The news shocked fans – “tears in their eyes”

Andreas Gaballier: The news shocked fans – “I now have real tears in my eyes”

May 17, 2021 at 10:34 pm

Andreas Gaballier.

Andreas Gaballier.

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It should have been the highlight of August this year. Andreas Gaballier In Kitzbühel. But as it happened at several other concerts, the Coronavirus is also pushing the show Andreas Gaballier End it.

The singer announced the sad news on Instagram on Monday evening. For lovers Andreas Gaballier Real shock.

Andreas Gaballier announces sad news on Instagram

The singer sent his fans a video on Instagram explaining the cancellation. “Dear fan base, presumably due to the many concert cancellations that have already occurred, it is time for the big Kitzbühel concert in August of this year that we have to put off the show. Because we can’t let it go the old-fashioned way with all of these. The connected fun and the after-show parties are complete until the end, the tennis court has been sold out in our beloved city. “


Andreas Gaballier:

  • Andreas Gaballier was born in Friesach, Austria, in 1984
  • He is a famous singer
  • His biggest success is the song “Hulapalu”.
  • Gabalier released a total of six albums. His latest album is “Forget Mine Not”.
  • In 2019, Andreas Gaballier and his longtime girlfriend Sylvia Schneider divorced
  • Andreas Gaballier has been in a relationship with the journalist for six years
  • In 2020, a huge mass festival should be held in Munich
  • Delayed until 2021
  • Most recently he was on stage with Helen Fischer and Florian Selberizen


Fortunately, the postponement is not canceled. Gaballier said the concert would be rescheduled for August 19-20.

A little consolation to the fans. They were hoping to see the “Hulapalu” singer this year.

Andreas Gaballier: The shock of his fans is profound

“Oh, I have tears in my eyes now as I hear you speak. It’s so sad that no concerts can be held again this year. When will we finally start getting along with it?” A fan asks sadly.


More on Andreas Gaballier:


Another wrote on Andreas Gabalier’s Instagram page: “What a shame, we were so hopeful for a pilot project. But sometimes there is no other way. Let’s look ahead and next year it will be nice twice!” We all want that!

Recently, Andreas Gaballier shared a sweet sugar video. with her.

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