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Honest words: “Let’s dance” My favorite speaks of “horror” behind the scenes

Honest words: “Let’s dance” My favorite speaks of “horror” behind the scenes

Valentina Bahdi, a favorite of “Let’s Dance,” is making mistakes in RTL. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

Honest words: “Let’s dance” My favorite speaks of “horror” behind the scenes

One of the nominees for this year’s “Let’s Dance” seems to have received jury spoons about Joachim Llambi, Motsi Mabuse, and Jorge González: “GZSZ” actress Valentina Bahdi is growing up with professional dancer Valentin Lucien in the RTL dance show.

This has already earned her a reputation as being extremely down-to-earth and showing no human weaknesses in the process. Valentina rarely receives any negative comments from veteran juror Lambie, who otherwise treats celebrities in a critical way.

On the supposedly nerdy picture, which of course doesn’t always go well, the actress has now expressed herself openly in RTL-Interview. And her dance partner already has ideas about areas that Valentina could still improve on.

Dancer sees potential for improvement in a seemingly perfect Valentina

Valentin Luzin has been training with his high profile student since the end of February. In an interview with the broadcaster, he found this to be too ambitious, but every now and then there were still problems with the details: “She wants to quickly understand the whole dance, including the idea. When it comes to the details, you are a little impatient.”

Valentin Lucien and Valentina Bahdi regularly receive the most points from the “Let’s Dance” jury. Photo: TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

This, in turn, is a weakness, but also a strength. On the other hand, the fact that Valentina would like to complete the choreography on her own is probably especially risky. The dancer went on to explain:

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Valentina was plagued by wounds in the legs and knees

After all, it was also important for Valentina to emphasize that she was not a natural dance talent to which steps and skills were transmitted. On the contrary: You have to train hard to be successful This also affects their lives the body Outside:

Even if she doesn’t turn it around much, she has to struggle with the ups and downs. Valentina explains: “I’m just a completely normal person. I also have pain, sometimes I’m in a good mood and sometimes not.” The audience should get their own Opinion About them, but only Valentina and Valentine know how to achieve the perfect performance in TV It really looks.

Valentina Bahdi explains that dancing doesn’t fly to her. Bild: Getty Images Europe / Pool

“Let’s Dance” filter: “I’m not a superman”

The show’s actors have already hinted at it in the past, but the training actually gets the soap star on the nerves. Above all, the first day of training, which always falls on a Sunday for candidates, is exhausting: “Sunday, the first day of training, is horror for me. And I make it scary for others because I’m also afraid of not being able to do it.

Because, and the audience sometimes seems to forget that too: Valentina is not a professional dancer, and like her competitors, she only has eight hours a day to learn new dances. “And I’m not superman either.”She added.

It remains to be seen whether the results of the jury and the audience’s calls will bring Valentina and Valentine to the final. At least, the duo actually secured a place in the semi-finals on May 21. The biggest contender for the “Dancing Star 2021” title appears to be Valentine alone Family To be: His wife Renata Lucien coaches ex-football player Rick Gislason, who brings with him talent like Valentina.

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The presenter of “Let’s Dance” coughed during the show – viewers are terrified

The 10th live show “Let’s Dance” takes place on May 14th – the folk dance format has been shown weekly on RTL since the end of February. The fact that a few weeks had passed since then was noticeable in the quarter-finals, especially with moderator Daniel Hartwich.

The 42-year-old bravely fought his way through the show, but in the end had to admit defeat by coughing. Meanwhile, not only was co-host Victoria Swarovski taken responsibility for moderation, Daniel admitted …

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