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New York (Doc Plate): Cumos (63) says current employee Alyssa McGrath (33) New York Times About what he considers sexual harassment by the governor.

According to McGrath, he, among others, stared at her body, asked why she did not have a wedding ring, commented on her appearance and made exciting comments to him and another female employee.

Answer: President Joe Biden is being asked what will happen if the allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are proven to be true.
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Many fees

Many former employees have blamed the severely affected governor. The most serious allegation is that they allegedly touched another female employee while they were alone at the governor’s residence last year. Times-Union.

– I am very sorry to hear him talk about this and completely deny all the allegations. “I have no doubt all of these criminals are telling the truth,” McGrath told the New York Times.

He says unpleasant situations with the governor began shortly after he was hired in 2018. Among other things, the governor is said to have commented on how beautiful he was with the Italian expression.

Another episode took place, where he was assigned to Cuomo’s office. She describes how lonely and nervous she was.

– I looked down, he was waiting to start talking. And he did not begin to speak. So I saw what was going on. He stared at my shirt, McGrath tells the New York Times.

– Unacceptable behavior

It is said that when the governor saw her staring, he began to ask what was in the jewelry around her neck.

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– I was so hot in the face, McGrath says, and describes how she was embarrassed by this incident. He also reportedly told a colleague about the incident.

Calculations: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is in dire straits after allegations of sexual harassment. Listen to the story of Charlotte Bennett, one of her lawyers, in an interview with CBS.
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Cuomo always denied that he had done anything wrong, but at the same time he apologized if anyone found it inappropriate.

– This would have been an unacceptable behavior from every employer, especially the governor. McGrath’s lawyer Marion Wang told the newspaper that the women are to work for the state of New York and should not act as his make-up or potential girlfriend.

Defends itself

Cuomo’s lawyer defends Rita Claw’s behavior.

– The governor hugs men and women and kisses them on the cheek, forehead or hand. Yes, he has put his arm around them and posed in pictures. Yes he uses Italian expressions like “Xiao Bella”. Although it is old, none of these are exciting. “He made it clear that he never did anything inappropriate or touched anyone who was inappropriate,” Claw told the New York Times.

Cuomo was praised for his first efforts during epidemics. But lately he has been under a lot of pressure. There are several sexual harassment cases against him. He is also being investigated for covering up corona deaths at the state hospital. A number of Democrats have already called for the resignation of Democrat Cuomo.

He himself has refused to resign and is urging the people to wait for independent hearings from the state justice minister and elected representatives in the state legislature.

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