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Vaccine, Pfizer | The researcher behind the coronary vaccine has positive cancer news

Oslem Durasi, one of the researchers behind the coronary vaccine, says their next target is the cancer vaccine.

New York (online news): On Friday, Oslem Durasi, a physician and researcher who co-founded the German company Biotech with her husband Ugur Sahin, was honored by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

– You started by preparing a drug to treat cancer for an individual. Today we all have a vaccine, the German president said while paying high respects to the couple on Friday. “Federal Order of Merit of Federal Republic of Germany” (Bundesverdienstkreuz) for their work on the vaccine.

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Breakfast decided

She and her husband, Ukhur Sahin, who is now the company’s CEO, first decided at breakfast when they first heard about the news from China, to throw themselves at the corona virus.

For more than two decades, they have been working with technology aimed at using the body’s immune system to fight tumors, believing that it can also be used in the fight against the corona virus.

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Both were immediately baptized at work; «Project lights Already 11 months later, the British have agreed to use the MRNA vaccine developed by Biotech with the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

A week later, the United States approved the use, and millions of people now receive life-saving syringes from Pfizer / Biotech.

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– This is a bold decision and we hope that if you have a completely exceptional team, you can solve any problem or obstacle that comes your way, says Oslem Durasi in an interview with the AP, breeding other from time to time. ABCNews.

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China’s “Bad Girl” warns that the corona virus is the “tip of the iceberg”

In the United States, the vaccine is now going at record speeds. Here, an average of 2.5 million people are vaccinated daily, and President Joe Biden’s goal of vaccinating 100 million people in his first 100 days has already been achieved.

According to him, the president is now starting to get vaccinated 200 million people He has bet that all Americans will be vaccinated by May 1, before he can serve 100 days as president.

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– We have many cancer vaccines based on MRNA

The vaccine for Biotech and Pfser is called the MRNA vaccine. The MRNA vaccine does not require a virus to make you immune.

Instead, advanced genetic engineering is used to obtain the body to produce a foreign substance that the immune system recognizes so that it can initiate the production of antibodies without causing infection.

Durasi tells Andri that they are now working on one of the cancer vaccines.

“We have a variety of cancer vaccines based on MRNA,” said Durasi A.P.

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When asked by the news agency when there will be treatment for cancer using MRNA, he responds to the following.

– Innovative development is very difficult to predict. But we expect to be at a point where we can deliver vaccines for cancer to humans in a year or two, he says.

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Bioentech currently has employees from more than 60 countries, and in connection with Duraci and her husband receiving the award on Friday, she said it would never be possible to achieve these results alone.

“This is about a great effort from a lot of people: our team at Biotech, all the partners involved, governments and regulators all worked together with a sense of urgency,” says Durasi.

– When we look at it, he says it is the recognition of this endeavor and the celebration of science.

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