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Andy Borg offers pop fun in the spring!

Andy Borg offers pop fun in the spring!

Andy Borg invites you to his cozy wine bar before spring officially begins, and “Schlager-Fiß mit Andy Borg” will air again on SWR on March 5th. Andy Borg will then welcome Peggy Marsh, Julia Lindholm, Sounds of the Mountains, VolksMusic 4, Mark Marshall, Rainer Kirsten and Florian Wessel as musical guests.

Andy Borg brings fun and good springtime mood on his next show!

Andy Borg and his guests will once again enjoy Schlager and folk music on Saturdays. Even if spring hasn’t officially started yet, beloved Viennese will already be in the mood for the upcoming season on his music show. But it is also wonderful when the meadows turn green again, the first flowers bloom and nature wakes up from hibernation. Andy Borg and his guests will also enjoy this beautiful time of year musically, because spring is simply a wonderful time of the year. Of course, the decoration at Andy Borg’s wine bar will also be spring-like—flowers and plants in bloom as far as the eye can see. It’s worth watching this popular Andy Borg TV show for that alone, but the popular presenter and pop singer will surely make some musical highlights again.

Peggy Marsh: “The Woman in My Mirror”

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With Peggy March, Andy Borg has a great singer on his music show. For many decades, Peggy March has known how to be successful in the music business. With “The Woman in My Glasses” by Peggy March Just released a new song that offers a love song for all women. The title gets the message across: It’s not so important to be perfect, it’s much more important to be content and calm with yourself as you look at your own thinking. The charming singer gives herself a little birthday present, because Peggy March celebrates her birthday on International Women’s Day. And maybe Peggy March will have a TV premiere with her new single on Andy Borg?

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Schlager’s Fun with Andy Borg: On March 5th at SWR!

So on March 5th, the 38th edition of “Have fun with Andy BorgWith his great TV show, Andy Borg regularly achieves exciting ratings, and with the new release, Andy Borg will once again attract the taste of the big pop and popular music community. So don’t forget, Saturday it’s time for pop fun again!

Author: Schlagerportal
Photo: Depro P. Records and SWR / Kimmig / Kerstin Joensson