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just stolen?  Hit the world “shape who you are” court case «

just stolen? Hit the world “shape who you are” court case «

Two songwriters accuse successful British musician Ed Sheeran, 31, of plagiarism. The multiple Grammy Award winner appeared in person at the beginning of the process.

3:25 pm, 05 March 2022


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Redhead Ed Sheeran: His tour will also take him to Vienna in the fall © AFP

British pop star Ed Sheeran and two songwriters have been arguing over the copyright to Sheeran’s hit in a London court since Friday. “shape you”. Sami Shoukry and Ross O’Doongi have accused the 31-year-old star of missing parts of her song’s melody. “Why” Plagiarism. Sheeran and two of his co-authors, Stephen McCutchen and John McDaid, have denied the allegations.

At the beginning of the process, which is scheduled to last about three weeks The British star personally appeared before the London court. Both songs were played first in the hall. Some of the clips were strikingly similar, said Andrew Sutcliffe, a lawyer for the plaintiffs.

Sutcliffe said Sheeran is undoubtedly “very talented, he’s a genius”. But sometimes he’s also “magpie” thieves: he borrows other people’s ideas for his songs and denies them when he thinks “he can do it with impunity.”

Sheeran co-wrote “Shape of You” with McDaid and McCutcheon; The song, released in 2017, is his biggest hit to date. With over three billion views, it is the most streamed song on Spotify. Here are the videos for both songs for comparison: