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Andy Borg: That’s how he cheers this woman up!

At MDR, presenter Florian Silbereisen looks back on the musical highlights of 2020 on his show “Die Schlager des Jahres”. Ross Anthony and Andy Borg were among the party. When the conversation turns to a very specific person, attendees are not stingy in greetings.

Daniela Alveneto is influenced by her realistic situation

The big three hits talked about Daniela Alveneto and she couldn’t get out of her excitement. The fact that the daughter of “amigo” singer Bernd Ulrich is still doing her job as a nurse for the elderly as well as music has earned her a lot of sympathy. “I think that’s really cool,” said Ross Anthony. “She really stands up for people. That’s cool.” Host Florian Silberisen was only able to join in. “Thank you also, Daniela, on behalf of everyone who is currently dealing with this.”

In Andy Borg, he records his authenticity

At the age of 50, Daniela Alveneto has been working in this field for a long time and is no longer in the shadow of her famous father. However, she does not have the atmosphere of stars, as Andy Borg reported with admiration in her voice. “She is completely normal. Whether you meet them on the street or on stage. She speaks completely natural and it makes no difference.” The geriatric nurse’s job seems to have turned Daniella off. A train that many celebrities miss.

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