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Lady Diana: She has suffered greatly from Princess Anne's wickedness

Lady Diana: She has suffered greatly from Princess Anne’s wickedness

According to insiders, the ruthless and straightforward Anne is said to have especially struggled with Diana’s emotional nature. It is said that the Queen’s daughter sometimes blasphemed her brother-in-law Charles on Friends: “Wherever she goes – drama follows.”

Diana “intimidated” Princess Anne

On the other hand, Diana is said to have been “intimidated” in the manner of Anne. It is said that she hoped in vain for support from her husband. An anonymous source said, “Charles never went out of her way to help his new wife bond with his sister. It’s not really Diana’s fault that Anne never adopted.”

When the Queen’s daughter was not chosen to be the godmother of Charles and Diana’s second son after the birth of Prince Harry in 1984, the lines between Anne and Lady Die were said to have tightened further. It is said that Anne was expecting to be the godmother of Prince William. But when this did not happen, Charles is said to have assured her that the honor would be given next time.

After Harry was born, Anne was said to be scorned again. Diana’s best friend Caroline Bartholomew was chosen instead as Harry’s godmother. “It caused a lot of excitement behind the scenes,” says a royal insider.

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