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Anger after Hunter Biden's surprise appearance

Anger after Hunter Biden's surprise appearance

The sudden appearance of US President Hunter Biden in the House of Representatives sparked great anger among Republicans. The 53-year-old appeared unannounced yesterday during opening statements at a public meeting of the Oversight Committee and sat in the front row with his lawyer.

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

The committee wants to charge Hunter Biden with contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena for a closed hearing on the impeachment investigation of his father, US President Joe Biden.

Excitement in the US House of Representatives due to Hunter Benden's visit

Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

His unexpected appearance caused chaotic scenes. Many Republicans felt provoked by Hunter Biden's appearance, and two lawmakers insulted him and called him a coward. The Committee Chair had difficulty restoring order to the meeting at times.

Biden insisted on holding a public hearing

Hunter Biden, who faces charges including possible tax crimes, had refused to testify before the committee behind closed doors, but he offered to testify at a public hearing at the end of last year.

The president's son and his lawyers argued that what was said in a protected location could be selectively reproduced by Republicans, and thus Hunter Biden's statements could be manipulated. Therefore, he insisted on testifying only publicly. Many Republicans link Hunter Biden's actions to the US President.

Republicans want measures to remove the US Secretary of Homeland Security

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers accuse US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of neglecting his duty to secure the border and want to begin impeachment proceedings against him. Congressional Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green said yesterday that “Secretary Mayorkas’s refusal to abide by the law is sufficient reason to charge him.”

The Republican accused the minister of “deliberately” creating a crisis through “gross incompetence” and “a year-long refusal to implement the laws passed by Congress.”

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