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Anna Ermakova: Boris Becker’s daughter shed tears on TV

Anna Ermakova: Boris Becker’s daughter shed tears on TV

On Friday evening, the Let’s Dance celebrities and their dance partners once again performed their choreographies. It was a particularly emotional performance Boris Beckers girl Anna Ermakova out of place.

Highest rating: Anna Ermakova cried with relief

Since she had already scored very high in her performance the previous week when the jury awarded a score of 29, she and her dance partner were standing Valentine Lusin In the last episode of the live show, she is under a lot of pressure not to disappoint the jury members with her dance performance. “The pressure is very high,” Ermakova admitted before her performance.

“We’re going to make Slowfox so wicked. It’s going to be really sexy,” declared her dance partner of Slowfox, who had rehearsed with model Britney Spears. “Oops, I did it again.”

The dancing couple once again managed to inspire the audience in the studio and the jury. “For me, it’s Broadway. The best ever. I don’t know when I’ve seen such a slow fox in Let’s Dance,” he praised Motsi Mabus Ermakova and Luzhin’s physical efforts. The rest of the jurors were also over the moon.

Baker’s daughter couldn’t hold back tears of emotion after the stress left her. “You’re so emotional right now. What is this doing to you right now?” Then the presenter Victoria Swaroski wanted to know who Ermakova was.

© Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Meanwhile, tears were already in Anna’s eyes, which Victoria Swarovski (29) did not miss: “You are so emotional now. What is this doing to you now? When the jurors blessed her with 30 points, Ermakova couldn’t hide her sobs.

With her performance, the 22-year-old was the first celebrity to earn full points this year. What was also touching was that Swarovski dedicated the Best Points Award to Lucien’s wife, who had recently had a miscarriage. “30 points, 31. Congratulations. Of course, they also go for Renata a little bit. Renata, we all love you and send you lots of love from the studio,” said the moderator.

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