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Werner Pirchner – Zappa of Tyrol |  MON |  13 03 2023 |  9:45

Werner Pirchner – Zappa of Tyrol | MON | 13 03 2023 | 9:45

The life and work of Werner Pirchner, Ina Regen, Alex Rehak, Crack Ignaz & Young Krillin are documented in 4 parts. Poplexikon with over 100 entries can be found at, from A for Ambros to Y for Yung Hurn.

The Tyrolean musician Werner Pirchner, who died in 2001, was unique: an unconventional composer between jazz, contemporary sounds and folk music, important jazz pianist and above all author of a disc with the strange title “Half a double album”. When this work appeared in 1973, it caused a sensation: nothing like it had ever been heard in this country. It wasn’t rock, it wasn’t jazz, it wasn’t contemporary music. However, trace elements of all these kinds are found in ever-changing mixing ratios and hilarious intersections in this record, which has been quickly compared to another great master of musical econoclamus: the American Frank Zappa, who worked around the same time and produced similarly sound mixtures. insignificant.

Like the early Zappa, social criticism was also a strong motivator for Werner Pirchner. Except that it was not about Vietnam or the hippie movement, but about Tyrolean shooters, soul seekers and crazy avant-garde singers. Werner Pirchner later produced a lot of things between jazz and new music and designed, for example, Ö1 signals, which were then played for years. But “Half of a Double Album” is, even from today’s point of view, a musical beacon that breathed a whole new life into the conservative protest song of the post-1968 era and a radical aesthetic that has lost none of its charm. today.
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