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Analyst Balázs Ekker talks about Karina Sarkisova’s departure from Dancing Stars

“I expected too much from you,” said the stern juror. “If there is only so much on the inside, it is not bravery, it is madness.” Bad preaching In the former ballerina Karina SarkisovaAppearing on the premiere of Dancing Stars.

She couldn’t convince her quick step. For health reasons, she even had to give up completely (KURIER reported).

Kurir asked Eker how he judged Sarkisova’s departure – and behold, the stern Hungarian could also be kinder.

“It may sound strange, but I deeply regret that it won’t go any further,” he says.

“It was a huge excitement for her, and I think for the whole Dancing Stars community as well, to go from the jury to the ballroom. She’s been a dancer her whole life and she’s also a very strong person. I’m really interested in what this dance, ballroom, and Latin thing does to her.”

Incidentally, Ekker himself could imagine changing back from jury to floor under one condition.

“If I could recover my body and skills from ten years ago, I would love it. Unfortunately I won’t get it from God, but if he gives it to me, I will!”

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