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Anna Ermakova receives a letter from Boris Becker

Anna Ermakova receives a letter from Boris Becker

Anna Ermakova and Valentin Lusin reached the final of Let’s Dance.Credit: IMAGO/Panama Pictures


Emky Gerets

In the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” four couples competed to advance. Also in attendance were Timon Krause, Philip Bowie, Julia Biotics and Anna Ermakova. Especially since the latter was one of the absolute favorites for the grand title of “Dancing Star” from the very beginning. From week to week, Anna manages to impress the jury with her performance. From time to time there were criticisms too, but the Baker’s daughter never wavered about her choice for the next show.

In the semi-finals, the celebrities were required to complete two solo dances and an improv dance. Timon and Ekaterina Leonova received the fewest call votes and did not make it to the finals. Above all, the Baker’s daughter was able to shine. Her famous father sent her a personal message on the occasion.

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Boris Becker is proud of his daughter Anna

Boris Becker has not yet appeared in the studio to see his daughter’s performance in person. That is why he repeatedly sent words to the 23-year-old via Instagram. Before the 11th live show, he wrote about a video of Anna on his Instagram story: “I wish you all the best in the semifinals tonight.” After Anna had already reached the final, there was another message from him. In one post, the tennis star said, “I couldn’t be prouder. My daughter is making it to the show final.”

Meanwhile, Anna said on Instagram with the latest version of “Let’s Dance”: “Thank you so much! I can’t believe it.” The model danced the Viennese Waltz and Contemporary with her dance partner Valentin Lucin. The jury awarded them 29 and 30 points, respectively. In the improvisation dance they had to dance the rumba. There were 25 points for this. Her contemporaries in particular caused a stir, Valentine and Anna being particularly hot here. It must be about wild love.

Valentin Luzhin was visibly impressed by his reaching the final

Motsi Mabuse found the Valentine’s dances to be “the best ever”. Joachim Allambi is excited: “With 30 points we can’t express how great your contemporary dance is today.” Jorge Gonzalez was also amazed. Valentine informed his fans on Instagram after the show. He said: “The calm after the storm. Thank you so much for the calls and support. We are very happy to be in the final.”

Valentin Lusin was very pleased with his final entry.

Valentin Lusin was very pleased with his final Instagram/Valentine Lucin

And further: “Of course we were calmer after pole position, after the points, but you still know your calls are very important because anything can happen. That is why we are grateful that you called us, brought us to the final. We can now give him another week of gas and do our best. Thank you very much, I am very proud of Anna.