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Anne Winch: Pregnant influencer should put the dog to sleep

Anne Winch: Pregnant influencer should put the dog to sleep

life Ann’s wishes (30) Suddenly stood upside down in the middle of March. In the middle of the night, the pregnant influencer had to flee her burning apartment with her two daughters. This incident affected her so badly that she considered breaking up with her boyfriend Karim El Qamoushi (33 years old).

Now the soap star has to deal with another blow of fate: She had to put her beloved dog Mimi to sleep, as she tells on her Insta story. The agonist describes the dog’s suffering in tears: “She couldn’t stand on her paws and somehow rolled on the floor. She tried to get up again. It didn’t work and she fell to the other side.”

Anne Winch: ‘I had to put up with a lot during pregnancy’

Further: “It was the worst seizure I’ve ever had in my life. She screamed, she was on my arm, and she pulled me. Then I breathed very slowly, very superficially. I thought she was dying in my arms. Or after that to the doctor, if I can make it by then.” “. She was still getting to the doctor, but Mimi had to be put to sleep.

Ann Winch seems to get a lot. She shared her desperation with her fans. “I’m really at the end of class, I had to put up with a lot during this pregnancy. Fire, constantly with Mimi for the doctor, now I put her to sleep. I don’t want that any more.”

A little glimmer of hope: The soap star is now 39 weeks pregnant and will soon be able to hold her baby in her arms.

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