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Anthony Blingen cites Germany as America’s best ally

US Secretary of State Anthony Blink Praised Germany in the highest tone. “The United States has no better partner in the world than Germany,” Blinken said in an interview with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the Chancellery. There are common values ​​and interests. But Germany is also a role model, for example in the fight against climate change and in multilateral cooperation.

Blinken had previously said that Germany was a role model when it came to the dark chapters of its history. On Thursday he wants to join the foreign minister Haiko Mass Visit the Holocaust Monument. President of the United States Joe Biden “I’m very happy to welcome Merkel to Washington on July 15,” Blingen said.

Merkel praises improved German-American relations since Joe Biden’s inauguration – even if it did Of course there are controversial points. He is delighted that America is back on the multilateral platform. Context Germany and the United States are partners in this context. We know about our responsibility. “

The German leadership had previously sought a diplomatic solution Libya Appreciated (Read more here). Merkel described her participation in the Libyan conference in Berlin as a decisive step. “It is important that we send an integrated signal towards Libya,” he said.

We must emphasize together that Libya must determine its own future, referring to countries like Turkey or Russia They also operate militarily in North Africa. But they also want to convey that international partners with Libya are ready on this path.