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US: Joe Biden’s Democrats face setback in electoral reform

American Democrats under the President Joe Biden The legislature’s proposal for a long-term reform of the electoral law suffered a severe setback from Republican opposition. On Tuesday evening in the U.S. Senate, Republicans blocked by a practical rule that the plan could be voted on. All 50 Democrats were in favor, and 50 Republicans were opposed – 60 out of 100 votes would have been needed.

Democrats wanted to use the law to oppose restrictions on the right to vote in many Republican-dominated states. Not long ago, the White House again openly supported the plan. “Democracy in the United States is in danger here,” a statement said Tuesday. “The right to vote – a sacred right in this country – is being attacked with unprecedented intensity and aggression.” It was the beginning of the month of Biden There is talk of an “unprecedented attack on our democracy.”. Democrat majority leader Chuck Schumer in the Senate announced on Tuesday that his party would pursue the plan after a vote. “We’ll not let it die.”

Republican license changes ruled Texas For example, the limitation of postal voting options, short hours at polling stations and restrictions on drive-in voting. Georgia And Florida Providing similar steps. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Critics see the plan as an attempt to make it more difficult for non-whites, who are often close to the Democrats, to vote.

The last presidential election was the reason for the restrictions on the right to vote

The shadow is located above the processes Presidential election last November. Democrats accuse Republicans of using unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud as an excuse to restrict voting rights. Former President of the Republican Party Donald TrumpThe man who lost the election to Biden claims to this day that he fraudulently lost his victory. Trump’s camp has failed with dozens of lawsuits against the results and to date has not presented any evidence of fraud.

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Biden’s Democrats control 50 seats in the Senate, or exactly half. If a stalemate occurs, the vice president can Kamala Harris, A former Senate official, will help the Democrats win. The so-called Filipuster procedure helps a minority in the Senate to block many bills proposed by a majority. This rule, which has been in effect for over a hundred years, states that in most bills, 60 out of 100 senators must agree to end the debate before a real referendum can take place.