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Antiquities of the city in the art collection

Antiquities of the city in the art collection

Linz. Group exhibition “Antiquities of the City”. Urban Spaces in Contemporary Photography” is in the Upper Austrian State Art Collection. The show brings together nine art sites related to Upper Austria, which reflect urban space and its inhabitants in their images.

Photography and the city – they have a close relationship since the advent of the medium. In addition to architectural photography focusing on objectivity, artists have always expanded the city’s view in order to look behind its scenes. The medium offers many possibilities for analyzing urban space or for adding poetic moments to it.

The works on display reflect urban spaces as dynamic places that always reveal something about their inhabitants. Through interventions in the photographic process or choosing unusual perspectives, the artists draw attention to the small gaps in the urban structure, which despite their simplicity have a lot to tell. The exhibition sees itself as a kaleidoscope of critical artistic approaches that reflect what urbanism and the city can mean today from different perspectives.

Participating Artists: Sabine Eichhorn, Gregor Graf, Katharina Grossi, Otto Heinzel, Eigenhartz Kanter, Leonie Lehner, Isabella Scharf-Menechmeier, Franz Riedel, Katharina Struber


Thursday, May 4, 6.30 pm

Studio Gallery of the Ursulinenhof Art Collection, 2nd Floor

Free admission

Exhibition Duration: May 5 – May 14, 2023

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