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Tens of thousands in all-out Woodstock game –

Tens of thousands in all-out Woodstock game –


The musicians were asked to play the so-called all-around game again on Saturday in Woodstock for the brass band in the Innviertel. Around 20,000 people responded to the call and played together on the main stage. Overall, the record number of visitors of 100,000 is expected to be broken on Saturday and Sunday.

It has the ultimate Woodstock tradition: the all-in game. Tens of thousands of musicians come together to celebrate what Woodstock has stood for for more than a decade: making music together. The Woodstockers gathered in front of the main stage and were divided into instruments. Woodstock music books exist and perhaps the largest brass band in Europe was led from the stage.

Making music at 32 degrees

At 32 degrees, the traditional German folk song “Auf der Vogelwiese” by Josef Ponkar and Jaroslav Ondra burst into life in front of the main stage. They are two of the most famous composers of Bohemian light music. The finale was the rock hit “Don't Stop Believin'”. For an entire hour, the Woodstock Festival turned into a single brass band.

Record number of visitors on Saturday and Sunday

According to Woodstock organizer Simon Ertl, around 90,000 people were said to be at the venue on Friday. The record visitor figure of 100,000 Woodstock fans is set to be broken on Saturday and Sunday. The festival is said to have sold out on Saturday. More than 5,500 staff in various areas such as organization and catering are working to make sure everything runs smoothly at the world’s largest brass music festival.

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Live on “OÖ today”, ORF Radio OÖ and ORF III

In addition to broadcasting live on ORF Radio Upper Austria, “Upper Austria Today” also reports with live contributions from the festival grounds. For the first time, Sunday morning morning radio will be broadcast live from Woodstock.


ORF On shows highlights of the past few years

There is also a live stream on ORF III. Highlights of the last few years can also be seen on ORF ON – more about this on ORF OÖ in the 'Woodstock of Brass Music'.