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Kauns Band Spring Concert: A wonderful evening of music full of memories

Kauns Band Spring Concert: A wonderful evening of music full of memories

The Kauns scored a huge crowd at this year’s spring concert last Sunday, which was themed “Memories.”

The musicians, under the leadership of Kapellmeister Charly Wille and President Elmar Jörg, have tried again this year to rehearse a program that has something to offer for every taste and aims to demonstrate the virtuosity of a modern brass band.

The gala evening delighted the audience

The spring concert is the musical highlight of the year, with conductor Charley ordering all recordings this year with a choice of required and equally catchy pieces and percussion provided.

Thus began the program, led in an entertaining and humorous manner by Andrea Jörg, with the majestic “Fanfare Festive” by Michael Geisler. With the polka dot “One Last Round,” the baton was solemnly handed over to Charly Wille by Maestro Anna Schefferer. Chief Elmar thanks Anna for her musical commitment on behalf of all musicians and allows him to hand over a personal music stand as a keepsake.
With the “Castaldo” march, the ensemble hijacked the musical march and then masterfully mastered Thomas Assanger’s symphonic piece “Nora – Licht des Nordens”, which is also performed in the zonal appraisal game.
With the concert piece “Memories of You” by Michael Geisler, soloists Daniel Wiedemann and Lukas Schmid with their trumpets take the audience into a dream world full of memories.
The second part of the concert opened with Richard Strauss’ “Too Sprach Zarathustra”. The composition “Olympic Spirit” by John Williams for the opening of the 1988 Summer Olympics was skillfully performed by the musicians. With the biggest songs from the musical “The Lion King”, the audience awakened colorful and animalistic memories of the Kauner Theater in the summer of 2015. After the two segments “The Wellerman Comes” the audience thanked a New Zealand shanty and the traditional march “Mein Tirolerland” to Seb Tanzer with thunderous applause.

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Promote young talent

MK Kauns sets an example that not only connects worlds of music, but also generations. Young musicians who have been training hard on the LMS Prutz for the past few years are also introduced in concert. Kauner Musiwerkstatt is also very popular with primary school children in Kaunus.

Among the guests of the party in the fully occupied hall of the Prutz Preparatory School, Chairman of the Board Elmar Jörg welcomed many guests of honor – including Mayor Matthias Schranz on stage and his deputy Thomas Zangrl, as well as all GR and club officials from Kauns, District President Florian Geiger and Director Honorary band Helmut Wedren and other activists and honorary members D. Kauner Musik sponsors and sponsors are also thanked.

The Kauns Music Band would like to thank all the visitors, friends and families of the musicians for their support throughout the year.