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Apple discontinues support: Many iPhone owners have to respond now

Apple discontinues support: Many iPhone owners have to respond now

With its iPhones, Apple is known for putting a huge emphasis on the security of smartphones and their users. In order for users to have access to a full set of security patches and the like, it is important to keep user devices up to date with updates.

So many iPhone owners must respond now: How Apple told “ArsTechnica” site confirmedThey recently dropped support for iOS 14. This means: Security improvements and bug fixes for iOS 14 will no longer be distributed. So anyone who hasn’t made the switch yet should consider an early update.

Old iPhone users should consider buying a new device

iPhones: Apple has ended support for iOS 14.

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As Apple wrote, the intention was always to keep iOS 14 only “temporarily” running. Now that the biggest bugs in iOS 15 have apparently been eliminated, the predecessor won’t last. To avoid complications with the new version, users have been given the option to keep using iOS 14 for now.

For users of older iPhones that are no longer supported in iOS 15, it also means: In order to continue to be more secure on the smartphone, you should consider buying a new iPhone or an Android alternative.

We have iPhones that can install the update to iOS 15 Summarized here for you.

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