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"Pokémon First Person Shooter" looks absolutely insane!

“Pokémon First Person Shooter” looks absolutely insane!

The first-person shooter in Pokémon is an evolution of “Dragon” fans. – Screenshot: YouTube / MKULTRA Support Group

Nintendo (nor does the Pokémon Company) don’t like it when their intellectual property is misappropriated. However, that couldn’t stop YouTubers “Dragon” from creating a crazy first-person shooter in the Pokémon series.

Dragon shared a YouTube video earlier this month, but the Pokémon Company quickly spotted it and removed it. But this did not prevent it from being loaded again through detours.

Some irony: a fan-made game looks better than this Next pokemon game For Nintendo Switch. It’s crazy, it sounds weird, but somehow I’d like to play it myself. Even if you can Not long to play may have.

Shooting pokemon in first person will not be a big problem

Unfortunately, we will never have the chance to download this fan game. The game itself looks a bit like Fortnite, only with Pokémon as opponents. It’s safe to assume the Pokémon Company will be taking the next video offline again soon, even if it’s only 80 seconds long.

It’s a little weird when Pokémon are attacked with assault rifles, but yes, there have been worse games out there.

Pokemon are truly a global phenomenon. And anyone who thought Pokémon GO was over and Summer Dream was wrong. Only recently it was The police officers who wanted to arrest Relaxo were released. So it’s no surprise that fans want to create games themselves, like Pokémon First-shooter.

In any case, you can be sure: there will be no such game. Also not a fan as a download. So the video is just for entertainment.

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cover photo: youtube