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Green Pass App Available |

Green Pass App Available |

The Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Federal Computing Center, is introducing an application for the Green Pass. The digital app aims to enable secure offline storage of EU compliant certificates including QR code as well as simple display of oneself when entering and traveling within the EU. The free app is already available for iOS and will soon also be available for Android.

The Ministry of Health announced on Friday that the application, which is available in the respective stores, stores and processes data exclusively offline, that is, only on the mobile phone of the end user. Once the EU-compliant certificate is uploaded and saved, it appears in a simplified version. Only basic information is then displayed in the app, such as first and last name, Covid-19 vaccine and EU-compliant QR code. There is no storage in the cloud.

“Since Green Passports are particularly sensitive health data, we had to adhere to the strict legal framework requirements in developing the app,” Health Minister Wolfgang Mochstein (Greenz) emphasized. Therefore, there was not only a health policy, but also a social and political mandate to protect data. Mückstein was convinced that the app would ensure “the best possible health data protection”.

In addition, the examination body (such as restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and fitness studios) can check the validity of the certificate provided using the official “GreenCheck” screening application ( Check. A mobile phone or tablet with a working mobile phone camera is required for this. With this web application solution also, no personal data is transferred; The scan is performed offline. This is intended to enable regulators to easily control entry. It said compliance with these requirements would be checked on a random basis.

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The Federal Computing Center (BRZ) is responsible for developing the application, which has already provided the technical basis for Austria’s green passport with the Epidemiological Information System (EPI). The technical implementation was based on the open source application of the Swiss Federal Office of Information and Communication Technologies (BIT), through which the BRZ is linked to the EURITAS network, among others.