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Apple is making type the standard with iOS 15

Apple is making type the standard with iOS 15

When it comes to that Jindern Goes, usually the waves rise. Maybe that’s why Apple has Gender neutral emojis and terms Under iOS 15 Not much was announced at all. Or maybe the company didn’t want to make a big deal out of something that should be taken for granted anyway.

Anyway, it is mentioned in the beta versions of iOS 15 And the iPad OS 15 In addition to male and female emojis, another option is now available – genderneutrale Emojis of people. from the public.

Gender neutral formulas تركيب

but also Title And the combinations It should be gender-neutral in iOS 15 with colon formulated. So there is no longer talk about subscribers or friends, but about “Subscribers: inside” And the “Friend: Inside“.

The “grammatical gender agreement‘, which is supposed to help iOS developers always find, choose and combine the gender title, and thus the correct title, is currently only available for English and Spanish.

but also for them German language versions This tool may be available soon, as tech blogger Carsten Knobloch shows in an iOS 15 screenshot he posted.