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Apple launches data protection initiative and offers workshops on privacy

Apple launches data protection initiative and offers workshops on privacy

Apple launches data protection initiative and offers workshops on privacy


with him privacy features on it Iphone And IPAD Apple is trying to differentiate itself more and more from its Android competition. this Privacy tools But by no means known to all iPhone users, the tech conglomerate is launching a new data protection initiative.

At the same time, the iPhone manufacturer is introducing a new product in Apple Stores around the world Free workshop series on me. The focus is on Privacy settings on iPhones and on raising awareness of the issue of data protection.

A short film on data protection starring Ted Lasso

in one short film With Nick Mohammed, known from the popular series “Ted Lasso”, Apple shows how much data an average smartphone user accumulates in a typical day in their daily activities.

“I know how data companies are trying this Personal Data And how your iPhone can protect you,” reads the description of the nearly 6-minute YouTube movie, titled “A Day in the Life of Data of the Common Man.”

Privacy workshops in the Apple Store

From January 28th in Apple Stores Free workshops to me Trait Total And Total progress. Registration for sessions titled “Skills: Protecting Your Data on iPhone” is available Wanted on the Apple website.

in workshops mission such as email privacy and security check, Site services Passkeys provided. “In this session you will learn how each function can be adapted to suit personal data protection preferences,” reads a broadcast from the iPhone manufacturer.

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Workshop at the Apple Store

Apple wants to focus on privacy

“At Apple, we focus on building devices, features and services that enable users to… Maintain control of their personal datasaid Erik Neuenschwander, director of user privacy at Apple.

Over the years we’ve added powerful features to… Privacy protection It is built into our operating systems. This film and our new Today at Apple sessions will show users how to take advantage of some of the features we offer and better understand how privacy is at the heart of everything we do.”