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Severe storms in the United States: “We are locked up, help us!”

Status: 12.12.2021 3:51 am

In Mayfield, Kentucky, a candle factory collapsed due to a series of hurricanes – many employees were missing. In other countries, it is not yet clear how many people have been affected and how much damage has been done.

Katherine Brand, ARD Studio Washington

“We are locked up, please help us, we are at the candle factory in Mayfield,” Guyana Parsons-Perez pleaded live on Facebook, and crying and praying colleagues were heard in the background. Parsons-Perez was later rescued from the collapsed factory. On TV she described how the hurricane passed her: the building was like everyone was playing back and forth, and then, “boom,” everything fell on top of her.

After several hurricanes hit several states Saturday night – including Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois – it is still unclear how many victims will be there and how much damage will be. Kentucky was hit hard by what appears to be a hurricane that traveled more than 350 kilometers. Governor Andy Bessier said it was the deadliest hurricane to hit Kentucky. He said more than 70 people have been killed in the state.

Mayfield: Missing workers in the factory

In Mayfield, more than 100 people were working night shifts at a local candle factory when the hurricane hit. About 40 employees were rescued, but many are still missing. Governor Pescher, who traveled to Mayfield, estimated that the ruins on the site were more than four feet high. The devastation was huge: “Parts of industrial plants, roofs, side walls still standing on trees. Large metal poles bent or broken, buildings not there, large trucks thrown around”.

The Amazon warehouse area in Edwardsville, Illinois collapsed. It is said that at least six people may have died here. People were also killed in Tennessee and Arkansas.

The roof of the Amazon distribution center in Illinois has collapsed.

Image: dpa

President Biden promised to help

US President Joe Biden offered his condolences to the bereaved and promised to help. Biden said in a statement that the federal government would provide all assistance. Kentucky has already declared a state of emergency and called for help.

Biden does not want to acknowledge that there is a link between extreme weather and climate change. That’s it: you know everything gets stronger when the weather warms up.

The weather is calm

The December hurricane was very unusual. Meteorologists say the deadly hurricanes made landfall in Kentucky and Illinois via Missouri and Tennessee as a result of heavy thunderstorms in northern Arkansas.

Currently the weather is deteriorating. However, in the next few days the heat wave will hit the middle of the United States. In the Gulf of Mexico it can be around 30 degrees, while in the Midwest it is unusually 25 degrees Celsius.