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ARD plans new comedy and night shows – dpa

München (dpa) – the Top It sharpens its own program file. Changes to airtime and new programming are also planned.

“In this context, not only the linear program outline plays a role. Instead, we want to implement our own set of user-oriented software for the ARD media library — the media library and,” ARD program director Kristen Strobel said on Wednesday at the German news agency’s request about the plans. Das Erste is just as important to us.

The layout revolves around the Comedy District, for example. “We’re already looking at a new comedy format that also has regional ARD roots, and Friday is conceivable,” said ARD editor-in-chief Oliver Kohr.

Spiegel had previously reported online an internal ARD interview paper and also had plans for a new late-night format with the cabaret artist. Caroline Quebecos call. When asked, ARD’s deputy program director and channel director at ARD’s media library, Florian Hager, said: “We are in talks with Caroline Quebecos. She’s an important president at ARD and we’re interested in political comedy.”

Spiegel also wrote about plans to hold a new talk on Tuesday after TagStemann, which “Marcus Lanz» It should be like. Strobel: “We’re thinking of a format that puts people and not a topic on top. We’re in conversations with Sandra Meischberger about it, because she undoubtedly has that gift. And there won’t be any further talk.”

The program director also emphasized that Monday should be the appropriate media day in the program. “First of all, we need more documentaries on Monday evening with relevant material suitable for main broadcast.”

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About making plans in the paper, ARD editor-in-chief Kohr said: “We presented our proposal to the directors last week, got strong support and jointly decided the overall concept.” You are now talking to managers under these guard rails and then “implement the concept with editorial offices”.