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Now Tinder Swindler is talking

Now Tinder Swindler is talking

The son of the “Diamond King”, handsome and very wealthy – Simon Leviev told acquaintances on Tinder that the blue from the sky. The “Tinder scammer”, as he has been called since the Netflix documentary, stole millions of dollars (8.75 million euros) through his scam. Now Leviev is speaking on American television for the first time, giving an interview to CBS News’ Inside Edition. It will air on February 21 and 22, but People magazine has already started reporting on it.

Leviev does not want to have anything to do with these allegations

In the interview, the fraudster claims with a serious expression that there is nothing wrong with the stories that a large group of women from all over the world know to tell about him. “I was just a single guy who wanted to meet some women on Tinder. I’m not a Tinder scammer,” he says. It is also said that his new girlfriend helps him meet him. However, the model is no longer Kate Conlin, because Simone broke up with her a long time ago.

New plans for ‘Tinder Swindler’

Although he was sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud, document theft and forgery in December 2019, his victims were disappointed only five months later: Leviev was released early – and is said to be living again. Perhaps he will have to earn money for his lifestyle in the future. A separate dating show, podcast, and book are planned.

On Instagram, Simon Leviev continues to play a wealthy aircraft maker

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