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Are series stars Damien Hardung and Harriet Herbig Matten together?

Are series stars Damien Hardung and Harriet Herbig Matten together?

In the new series Maxton Hall, Damian Hardung (25) and Harriet Herbig-Matten (20) turn each other's heads. Many fans wonder if they are also lovers in private. Because they – maybe – screwed it up at a press conference.

Noise around “Maxton Hall – The World Between Us” big. Since it began airing at the beginning of May, the love story between Robbie (Herbig-Matten) and James (Hardung) has thrilled fans on social media. Robbie is a kind-hearted geek from a humble background, and James is an arrogant and spoiled womanizer from a millionaire family. Because opposites attract (and there's a hot secret binding them together), they grow closer and closer together, even though they can't stand each other at first.

Fans are wondering: Have actors Damien and Harriet been together in private for a long time?

Did the word “boyfriend hoodie” give away lovers?

Viewers love Damien and Harriet not only as a film Lovers. They have influence at press events and in interviews and Instagram posts shared about the series “Red Ribbon Club”-Najma and “Baby and Tina”The actress is so familiar that there is an extensive discussion online about whether the two have been together in private for a long time.

Supporters of the thesis use a scene at a March press conference as their main argument. At the show's screening, the two were also asked if they took a prop with them from the set. “Damien,” Harriet replied, “You always wore a gray jacket. I've worn it at some point.”

In the YouTube clip, you can clearly see how they are both smiling. Damian says, almost sighing “boyfriend hoodie”Harriet repeats the word with a smile and rolls her eyes slightly, almost shyly. As if she realized that she might have just spilled the beans.

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Fans celebrate: Season 2 of “Maxton Hall” is coming!

However, it will likely stay for now a wish Father of romantic thought. Neither Damian nor Harriet has yet to reveal anything about their relationship status. However, fans can be happy: Season 2 has already been decided. Writer Mona Kasten even designed her novel in the form of a trilogy. So there will still be plenty of Robbie and James – as well as Harriet and Damian…

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