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She won the song contest 10 years ago

She won the song contest 10 years ago

On May 10, 2014, the artist won with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” and her life changed in an instant.

picture Conchita Wurst Also known as Tom Neuwirth (35) In her golden dress, with the fiery wings of the Phoenix in the background, she will probably never be forgotten. On 10 May 2014, she won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix”.

But this was much more than just winning a music competition. In his acceptance speech, the drag artist chose the words: “We are one and we are unstoppable,” sending a message of acceptance and tolerance to the entire world.

“It's amazing how my life has changed in one fell swoop. What opportunities this moment has opened up for me and how much I've been able to grow over the past 10 years. Not least in terms of my performance, but also as a player.” A person,” the artist gave a summary to KURIER. And by the way, there is nothing to regret, says Conchita.

“It's all part of it. If you think about it then, it makes us the people we are today. Maybe your happiness also depends a little on it.”

To help with that a little, Conchita appeared on ORF's “Proudly Presenting Mr. Song Contest.” Andy Noll She boldly hints that she will not be averse to the role of lover.

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